For many potential shoplifters, the mere presence of CCTV cameras is enough to combat their desire to steal. Many people have seen footage from these types of sources first hand thanks to a variety of television programs and the spread of internet video, and having them installed can be a good deterrent.

Allowing your customers to know they are being monitored by a security camera accomplishes two purposes: It allows your customers to know their activities are being monitored, making the every day customer know they are safe inside your store. It also stops many thefts from ever taking place, thus eliminating the need for a criminal investigation after the fact. These processes are time consuming, and while CCTV is a great tool to aid in the apprehension of thieves, they do not work 100% of the time. For this reason, it is often better to keep these types of problems from occurring in the first place.

CCTV cameras do more than just aid in the fight against retail theft. They also provide accountability for your employees as well. While the vast majority of employees at any retail location may be honest, hard-working people, it’s no secret that employee theft ranks among the highest causes of inventory loss to businesses. If your employees know that their actions are being monitored, they will be less likely to betray the trust you have placed in them. Furthermore, your CCTV system can be a valuable tool to authorities should you fall victim to employee theft.

In today’s retail market, there are a wide variety of security camera systems designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you own a corner store in need of one or two units or a large warehouse that you want to protect, you can find the system that fits your bottom line. Because these systems serve mainly as a tool to prevent various types of theft from ever happening, they will also immediately begin to pay for themselves as your inventory benefits from the increased accountability you have provided both your employees and guests.