Linux 4 Windows
Learn And Run Linux On Your Windows Computer

Linux 4 Windows is a brand new website that shows you how to download and run Linux on your Windows computer. All you need to get started is a 486 or better computer running Windows, 24 MB of RAM, 50MB free space on your Hard Drive, and an Internet connection. No wonder they call it Damn Small Linux. And before long you'll be calling it Damn Good Linux.
Year of the Linux desktop

The little penguin is Linux's symbol. Get it running on your Windows computer.

What is this Damn Small Linux Anyway?

Damn Small Linux is a fairly complete version of the Linux Operating System that can run on virtually any Microsoft Windows computer. It's completely free. Our short tutorial shows you how to download this free software. Once you've downloaded and installed Damn Small Linux, other tutorials will teach you Linux. Even if you have never seen Linux before in your life, you'll be running it in no time flat. Who knows, you may want to join the throngs switching from Windows to Linux.

Why would I want to learn Linux?

There are so many reasons to learn Linux that a top ten series of articles only covers the main ones. In the eyes of more and more people, whatever Windows can do, Linux can do better. And the great news is that with Damn Small Linux you don't have to choose. Download it onto your Windows computer, whether a state of the art Vista model or a clunker that seemed ready for the landfill. We don't promise that you'll save the planet by running Damn Small Linux. But you may be just a little part of the solution. And have fun and learn important technology on the way.

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